It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

now that's what I call a Saturday night

So it's 3 AM and surrealestate and I are sitting here watching the Night Court marathon on TV Land, at the end of a 3-episode story arc where Christine gets the judge position and Harry gets his walking papers, and Brent Spiner is in it as Bob Wheeler, the crazy hillbilly, and it's all good. Earlier plumtreeblossom and DeKalb came over, after meeting up at the New Neighborhood's party, and we sat on the front balcony having drinks and enjoying chats. Abbie the Cat sat out on the balcony with us, and he was very well-behaved, but when we all went in and I moved over to shoo him back into the Great Indoors, he sat there and cried.

He howled.

He expressed his sincere displeasure at having to go back inside.

But we got him in anyway.

After our guests departed, surrealestate and I walked the block and a half to the Late Night Cheap Ass Chinese and I got very decent ginger-enhanced chicken for under like $6 total. Then we came back, and now we're finishing up this 3-episode Night Court arc.

Really got nothing to complain about here, tonight, at least.

EDIT: Holy crow! It's a FOUR-part story arc! AND COUNTING!

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