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Just one more day until Holiday World announces its $13.5 million expansion for 2006 (their biggest expansion ever!) Not only will they reveal what new holiday their expansion will entail (they've got Christmas, Halloween and Fourth of July so far -- my money's on ARBOR DAY) but they will also announce just what exactly they've been doing removing lumber (as little as possible) from the woods and bringing in, well, lotsa nifty construction equipment and materials.

Paula Werne, one of Holiday World's two PR mavens, has been keeping an online record of the park's goings-on since before Opening Day and it's no surprise the thing is titled HoliBlog. Normally I don't dig these corporate-type "hey let's be hip and call it a blog" things, as most of 'em are just poorly-disguised press releases themselves, but Holiday World ain't that kind of operation. This is the place that offers all-you-can-drink free soda, as well as all-you-can-slather free sunscreen. This year their new policy, which I think is rather cool, is to give children bracelets with their parents' cellphone number written on it. It should really help the lost children issue (though, as Paula mentioned, "...this doesn't work if you don't actually have your cell phone with you.")

Paula's writing is personable and friendly, and as such the overall tone of the thing is more of a letter than a Park Press Release. It's great -- she details such things as the new hires learning how to make funnel cakes, as well as folks in the office obsessing over the volume of the park's new water tower. She laments the change in her park two-way radio call numbers, and as expected, has tons of "overheard in the park..." stories that really make the whole experience more like a newspaper column for the park than anything else. She's even been known to snark, however gently, at the sillier guest comments and questions ("You all have any waterslides where you don't get wet?") But what she's really enjoyed these past few months is giving us teasing hints about what's to be announced tomorrow at 11 AM.

And tomorrow she won't get to do that anymore!

But I'll keep reading. It's fascinating.

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