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define your hate

I like to sit at the ends of Red Line cars for two very important reasons:

1. It lessens by half the number of people who might have to sit next to me, and
2. The little window indentation, if there, makes a dandy armrest.

There's a third, lesser-important reason, and that is that all kinds of lovely racist graffiti can be found on the sill from time to time. This kind of graffiti (or, for the most part, any graffiti) does not exist anywhere else in the car. It's all on the sill. Perhaps it's because a little up-and-coming Klansman can hide his work-in-progress, or at least halfway obscure it, before letting it fly free to enlighten the rest of the world. Whatever the reason, reading it always makes me feel great, because it reaffirms for me the fact that these kooky "White Power" types ain't got the brains God gave a goose. As Gene Wilder said in Blazing Saddles, "They're ... the salt of the earth. You know -- Morons."

Considering the trains pass through Dorchester, Quincy and Marblehead, it's no wonder such bon mots get scribbled hastily on the sills. I mean, there's a Southie kid right now, as I type this, who's sitting at the end of a Red Line train with his Red Sox cap on backwards, just passing the time thinking about how he quite dislikes the chinks, and then he wonders "Well gee, how can I share this message with others? How can I express my feelings succinctly and wholly, without compromising the integrity of my thoughts?" And then he reaches into his pocket and quite by accident finds a Sharpie...

...and tomorrow when I go to work and ride on the sill, I'll find "I Hate chink's" scribbled almost incomprehensibly near my arm. I always tend to move my arm away from the writing, lest it rub off.

I only bring this up because today, while riding the Red Line home, I found this impressive piece of wisdom written near my arm:
fuck all
Nigga black
spic Latin
gooks asia & Middle east
And I went "Whoa! Hey! Thanks for taking the time to carefully define each term there, pal!" It was a charming little dictionary and quite enlightening to boot -- I didn't realize 'gook' had branched out to the middle east as well. Was there like some kind of bigot conference where this definition change took place? "Gentlemen, distinguished Chairman, I hereby propose that the term 'gook', usually reserved for those of Asian descent that we don't like, also be amended to include any and all peoples of Arabic lineage currently residing in the Middle East, since I figure we hate them all equally." "The chair recognizes the delegate from the Peckerwoods, but wonders what you think is so wrong with 'raghead' in the first place."

All I know is that the bookly fellow who scrawled the index of hate on the sill is going to feel mighty confused when that Roman centurion stomps the living crap out of him for malinging that beautiful, scholarly, dead language.
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