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Last night I found it nearly impossible to get to sleep. Every time I began to doze off, I'd eventually wake myself up with a weird "huhn" noise. Then I'd cough. I realized there was something near my bed that was giving me an allergy problem, or at least aggravating my lungs enough to approach something very similar to how I remember asthma working, only this time instead of wheezing before I had to cough, I just get some shallow breaths and, if sleeping, wake myself up with a weird "huhn" noise. Hooray for the self-preservation instict! Or hooray for some crazy instinctive apnea-like reflex! Or hooray for no sleep!

At any rate I decided to write it off as my breathin' apparatus being all sensitive-like on account of being hit with the flu and it was just reacting harshly to the regular dust I'd kicked up while finishing some of the cleaning on Sunday morning. Even so I thought there may be something funky about my head-side of the futon, being so close to the window and all, so I switched places on the futon and almost got some sleep. I also spritzed my throat with throat spray in the vain hopes that it may help. I think I actually fell asleep around 5 or so, waking up at 7, bright and squirrelly, ready for the day.

Tonight I try to sleep early and what do you know? Still coughing. All day long I hadn't coughed much, only a few times for dramatic effect, you know. That kind of thing. And here I am back in bed about to doze off when I wake myself up with a weird "huhn" noise. Yeah, it's back. This time I investigate the area around my window and find something strange. My bedside table is coated with a thin sheen of greenish dust.

Tree spoo. Wouldn't you know it?

I'd had the window fan on all last weekend due to the heat and humidity. I'd left it on inadvertently when I walked down to Davis Square on Tuesday to meet weds and that's when the thunderstorms rolled through with their rains and wind and n'hey. The tree spoo, finally lodged from the trees, must've filtered through then and I'm sure it coated more than just the bedside tables. I must not have realized it Tuesday night because I had been all doped up on cough meds and whatnot. Last night was terrible. Tonight promises to be more of the same.

I've got the window fan on the other way now, and the deck door open, hoping to create a draft as I removed the dust from the surfaces I could find it on. I don't think it's working. I'm at the computer now and I'm doing that horrible purging cough every 60 or seconds or so. Clearly the proper course of action is to remove and wash the sheets and blankets, but that looks like it's going to have to wait until Saturday at least. The only clean sheets I can find here are non-fitting and I can't make hospital corners to begin with, and on a futon it looks nearly impossible. I may have to put some street clothes back on and go down to the Porter CVS for some Sudafed or similar medication for the whole allergy thing, but of course that's going to do wonders for me getting back to sleep.

So my nose is stuffed back up, my sinuses hate me, I'm coughing every minute or so, and I have to be up at 7 tomorrow morning. Frankly this combined with some other developments have got me fucking hating my life, and I would glady trade it for almost anyone else's, except for maybe Louie Anderson's.

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