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From Yahoo! News:
MIAMI - He's Shaquille O'Neal, basketball star and undercover officer.

The 7-foot-1, 325-pound Miami Heat center, who has a fascination with law enforcement, was recently sworn in as a U.S. deputy marshal. He spent six hours on a Saturday afternoon with Miami Beach police investigators helping with cases.

O'Neal has joined a Department of Justice task force that tracks down sexual predators who target children on the Internet.

He is becoming familiar with the techniques and software that officers use to track down the predators, said Miami Beach Police Chief Don De Lucca. And he spends countless hours on his home computer, logging into the police network and learning the ropes.
Let's hope he poses as a teenage girl better than he makes free throws:

SxyKool32 has entered the chat.
~14MiamiChica~: omg hi sweety :D
SxyKool32: well hi2u, hows my fave hottie
~14MiamiChica~: good n u
SxyKool32: awes now that ur here ;) havent seen u around in a while
~14MiamiChica~: i was at the bball game
SxyKool32: heat vs pistons?
~14MiamiChica~: ya game 2 :D
SxyKool32: i saw it on tv, whatd u think
~14MiamiChica~: well me and zo are really proud of what dwayne did, he really got it together after game 1 and punched down detroit's D, now we're gonna make sure he does it again for game 3
SxyKool32: ...
SxyKool32 has left the chat.
~14MiamiChica~: f*ck, not again
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