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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Oh my god. Becky, look at that track.

The Gravity Group is a new roller coaster design firm that is made up primarily of former Custom Coasters, International folks, set adrift when CCI disbanded (in what year? 2001? 2002? Was it that long ago?!) At any rate they're all insane people, they love making roller coasters and apparently now they're finally able to unleash some of the insanity on an unsuspecting general public.

Take Hades. It's a pleasant little ride they're building up in the Wisconsin Dells for the Mt. Olympus Park (formerly "Big Chief Carts & Coasters.") CCI built a few wooden coasters for Big Chief over the years, and I hear they're fun rides, but I've never been. Now I have a reason to. Hades is about to open. TGG is giving ride stats of... 140 foot first drop. At a 65-degree angle (juuust steeper than the Coney Island Cyclone!) 4726 feet of track. Dear lord, that's almost a mile. And then there are the pictures.. You may want to sit down and hold on to something before you check 'em out.

The first drop plunges you straight underground. The thing about Hades, of course, is what's being called "the Underworld" by some waggish folks. It'll have the longest stretch of tunnels for a roller coaster, besides, one presumes, the completely-enclosed coasters like The Underground at Adventureland and the like.

Then there's portions of the Underworld that'll be ridden with the work lights off -- but for now, they look like something out of THE BIG DIG EXPERIENCE or something. And doesn't that banking in the back look rather, well, extreme? Sure does. But maybe this is an optical illusion. Maybe the track isn't REALLY climbing the wall like that. Could it?

Yes, yes, it could. According to TGG, that section of banked track is at 93 degrees. NINETY-THREE DEGREES. At this point physics is just weeping like a little bitch while Larry Bill cackles his damn fool head off. I really can't believe it. This coaster is so wrong in so many right ways and I'll definitely need to get to the Dells, somehow, before they inevitably tame this thing down.

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