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Just on a whim decided to view the Series of Unfortunate Events film. Hadn't read the books, me, but I knew the general gist of things: I'd expected a nicely Victorian depresso storyline all Edward Gorey in look and feel, maybe some Dickensian-era jabs towards orphans and whatnot, and I did indeed get that, but I wasn't expecting such a visually beautiful film. Every setting was just gorgeous with many fascinating things to look at, every set bleakly rendered with exquisite textures and hidden details galore. The score was wonderful, too. The whole thing was almost beautiful enough that I didn't notice the repetitive, aggravating story (goodness, how many times must the children tell the Trusted Adults that the seemingly-trustworthy fellow is the evil Count Olaf in disguise? How many times must a character say 'Oh yes, there is a secret here, the one you are looking for' and then meet an untimely end before they can adequately explain it? And why do the adults suddenly believe the children All Along after one well-placed climax?)

Still, though, I think Jim Carrey's over-the-top performance as the "terrible actor" Count Olaf was just what the character needed, not having read the books. And the children involved do an admirable job, as does Meryl Streep as an overly-cautious aunt who lives in the most precarious house ever.

But the best part of the film are the animated closing credits. My goodness, I wasn't expecting such creepy and beautiful animation at the end of this film! The credits almost put the closing credits of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to shame -- I might even like them better than the Azkaban credits, because they're a lot shorter.

All in all, this movie is a perfect example of what folks can do when they set out to be Tim Burton and Danny Elfman without being Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, and the result, though lacking in depth, is richly fascinating to look at. One of those movies which would probably be worth a viewing under the influence of one's favorite chemical, you know. That sort of film.

Abbie the Movie-Going Cat watched most of the movie from his spot on my lap and he would like to point out that his favorite part was when I stopped the film halfway through to get up and grab something to eat.

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