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Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale
Adventure is never more than a punch's throw away in the exotic port of Booty Bay. A neutral constabulary invites Alliance and Horde alike to shop for trinkets and goods, brush up on their tradeskills, or just take in the scenery and fishing. No fighting please.


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Booty Bay docks and Janeiro's Point, Stranglethorn Vale
The tiny island of Janeiro's Point is best appreciated from the safety of the Booty Bay docks. Not only does the island itself boast a giant statue, but it also boasts a giant giant who doesn't care for visitors. Ships leave Booty Bay daily for the Kalimdor port of Ratchet.


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Uldaman dig site, the Badlands
Secrets of the past are hidden deep within the ancient temple Uldaman, located south of Loch Modan. Curious adventurers are advised to bring some friends to help deal with the territorial digging teams.


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Hall of Explorers, Ironforge
The Hall of Explorers, adjacent to Tinker Town and the Great Forge of Ironforge, not only boasts an expansive library run and maintained by the Explorer's League, but also has on display a wide variety of artifacts from Azeroth's past. Closed on King Bronzebeard's birthday.


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