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The one crucial thing missing from Google Maps is SCALE. Hello, I'd like a little scale key on my map when I zoom in and out. I'm a terrible guestimator.

But dragging the map is beautiful. And the satellite integration is even more beautifuller. Here are some sights.

Canobie Lake Park in winter (you can see the Yankee Cannonball and Corkscrew and Boston Tea Party)
Whalom Park in ruins
Mountain Park in ruins (you can see the L-shaped outline where the Mountain Flyer used to be, on the left side of the ruins)
Six Flags Over New England (the north side, from the Cyclone down to Superman: Ride of Steel)
Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure. Explore around there -- the picture was taken before Superman: Ultimate Flight. Here's also Rolling Thunder, Viper and Medusa with a bit of the Mine Ride thrown in too.
Knott's Berry Farm with GhostRider on the lower right. You can also see Perilous Plunge near the top left.
It be Disneyland! The Hub is, appropriately, in the center of the shot. Clockwise from 12:00 you've got Cinderella's Castle (can barely see it) with the carousel building and Dumbo at 12, the Matterhorn at 1, the former Carousel of Progress at 3, Space Mountain at 5, Main Street USA at 6, the Jungle Cruise at 7, New Orleans Square and the Pirates of the Caribbean show buildings at 8, Tom Sawyer Island at 9, and Big Thunder around 10 or 11. Funky.

Some satellite images Google couldn't give me -- Coney Island was nothing but a big blur (funny, it's been like that for me on certain trips too) and there wasn't a big enough zoom for Knoebels. I know GlobeXplorer has high-def pics of the site, though.

What a nice way to waste part of an afternoon!
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