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Postcards from Azeroth

Breaking out of the [zug zug] filter, here are three (four, sir!) postcard-scenic shots I've taken recently in World of Warcraft, sized rather big and hosted on Imageshack because they're cool and give me easy thumbnail links, which are behind the cut. I've rotated these as my Windows desktop and maybe some folks would like scenic wallpaper, too. I like taking nice scenic shots every now and then.

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Sentinel Hill at night
The Alliance makes its camp in Westfall at Sentinel Hill. Visitors may enjoy a tour of the local sawmill as well as day excursions to the Longshore coast and the haunted village of Moonbrook. Bring murloc repellent.

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Nestled at the foot of the Redridge Mountains, Lakeshire offers excellent fishing, pleasant accomodations and plenty of hiking trails along the banks of Lake Everstill. Bring murloc repellent.

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Cathedral Square, Stormwind City
Weary pilgrims and tourists alike find refreshment both physically and mentally at the majestic Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City. No need to bring murloc repellent.

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Ruins of Andorhal, Western Plaguelands
Our friend and crusader for the light Mollycoddle views the ruins of the city of Andorhal from afar, pondering which side of the undead-ravaged city to begin exorcising first.

Coming soon: Shots of the Horde's favorite haunts, including Thousand Needles and, as we like to call it, Stonetalon Mountains National Park.
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