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August 11th, 2003

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08:47 pm
So using googlism is a fun way to ego-surf, that much we know. And it purports to give you results, with context, based on a google search of whatever term you request. That's a given.

So when I asked it to do its magic for 'spatch', it gave me a bunch of fun results, some regarding the spatch 3d modelling program, others having to do with the wireless messaging gateway that's advertised on spatch.com. One of them, however, said "spatch is currently residing" and I was curious as to where I was supposed to be. So I put in "spatch is currently residing" into google proper, and got...

one result -- that of a Googlism page itself.

Well, that's a dandy recursive result (and self-fulfilling, too!) if ever I saw one.

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