It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Anybody got a nice pair of big friendly electric clippers?

poor Abbie is in need of a shavin'. It's hot up here with the 90 degree weather, and I've been trying various attempts to keep him and Marf cool. Martha, being smaller and shorthaired, has a slightly easier time of it, currently taking on the role of the Flattest Cat In The World on a cool spot in the kitchen, but Abs has never liked the heat and he sure isn't liking it now.

At night when the sun isn't turning the deck into a giant wooden frying pan, I take him outside and let him hang out on the overturned couch. I've lectured him on the harness we tried him on as a kitten -- "If you'd taken to that back then, we could take you out a lot more often, you mook." He's gotten over his "hey this is great cause it's cooler" mode and now wants to actively explore and I don't want him runnin off. (Rule of taking Indoor Cats outside is always One Hand On The Cat at All Times.) The downstairs neighbor already lost a cat this month and you can tell it's broken her heart. (She's spent evenings out on her deck calling for the cat. It breaks my heart.)

Abbie also doesn't enjoy sitting in a cold water-infused sink, nor does he enjoy sitting in a cold water-infused bathtub. Ice cubes in the water only help for the nose and to keep a slightly fresher water supply going. I soaked a paper towel in water and draped it over him and he didn't seem to mind that all that much. Once it got over his head, though, he decided this game was not the best game in the world after all and shook it off.

I figure anything's better than a panting cat, though. I guess the next option is to shave a lot of excess hair off the poor bastard. Clippers, anyone?

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