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You should not give me old 1970s catalog scans because this is what I'll do with them.

The King Bs had one hit, "Hey Honey", and then disbanded when Ben realized Bobby had been pollinating his wife. Bruce and Blake went on to form BB and the Red Ryders and were very popular in the Greenwich Village beekeeping scene.

Ricky Littlefeather, born Ricardo Montracelli, wasn't really Native American, but his swell vocals and dark features helped the tom-tom accented "Heap Good Lovin" race up the charts in 1974. Overzealous promoters tried to capitalize even further on the whole Indian thing, but his follow-up "Do The Scalp" failed miserably, and his farewell album "I Shall Sing No More Forever" did even worse. Re-emerging from obscurity in 1999, he toured a small, self-referential nightclub act called "An Evening with Ricky Littlefeather: No Reservation Required" and got on VH-1 for his troubles.

Judging by the amateur quality of this cover, it's clear this was a self-produced LP, made by Rittenhouse himself as a promotional tool for KJJT Channel 6. It didn't quite make as big a splash as he had hoped, either financially or with the ladies. According to station folklore, however, he once successfully got "6 On Your Side" reporter Claudia Berenson to go with him overnight to the Midwest Forecaster's Conference in Big Plains. (Berenson would later say that the forecast that evening called for three inches, tapering off well before midnight.)
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