February 15th, 2014

Batman Kid

In this house there is a single shoe which has not been worn since Christmas

The sound is rhythmic, metallic, hollow. It is a downbeat followed, eventually, by a heavy footfall. The pace is deliberate and slow-footed but steady. Klink-- thud. Klink-- thud. Klink-- thud. The crutches have become a part of you, a part of your daily routine, a part of your most basic means of locomotion. If the conditions are right and the need arises you can go for speed, pushing hard against the ground and sending it away as you go. This stride is faster but steady just the same. Klink-thud, klink-thud, klink-thud, klink-thud...

The cast is bulky but not uncomfortable. It doesn't itch nearly as much as you worried, and the padding helps. The exposed toes get the worst of it, even with a sock underneath the theater tights. From time to time you wriggle them just to make sure you still can, as restrained as they are. You wrap the cast up in a plastic bag even when shaving or washing your hair, which is accomplished by lying on the bathmat and hanging your head over into the tub while a very patient loved one brings down the showerhead. You're pretty sure something has fallen into the cast and is resting underneath your arch. It feels like a coin from the way it sticks slightly and moves off when you swing your leg. Whatever it is, you're not about to try getting it out any time soon.

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