December 7th, 2013

Typewriter Guy

Philm Dephending Phorum

One of my recent timesinks, because I just can't get enough of them, has been watching archived episodes and clips of Siskel & Ebert's various review programs. Their year-end Stinker episodes are always fantastic because they clearly enjoyed their chance to unload both barrels o' snark at films what really deserved it, and usually one or two you thought were unconscionably included.

Other reviewers were also known for their snark and one such was John Simon, who has served as the national reviewer of film for the National Review (it's just chock-full of national reviewers, isn't it?) and other august publications. Simon gives no quarter when he hates something, but he is so painfully iconoclastic that you can't help but think he's made a 50-year career out of professionally trolling the film industry.

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