March 23rd, 2011

Tom Lehrer is Smug

No update

The guy who said he'd be posting the Melted Cheese Balls thing to YouTube hasn't responded yet.

Perhaps his hospital doesn't have wi-fi.


Well, the SA forums poster who promised to try the Melted Cheese Balls recipe has done so and posted the results on YouTube:

He only made 1/3 of the recipe, and I don't blame him one bit. You couldn't quite make balls out of the stuff, but he did put it in a nice little dish to make it look like a mutant souffle or an especially insidious creme brulee. His reaction to the first bite is priceless. Hell, the whole thing is great. I haven't stopped laughing about it yet. I've donated 4200 yen to the Japanese Red Cross per his request, which came out to a little over $51 USD so I said the extra $1 was for the appropriate soundtrack.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love the Internet.