May 21st, 2010


a new coaster thingo

I'll be heading out for a few days on Friday morning. I'm taking the train to Williamsburg, Virginia and spending a few days at Busch Gardens. I'll be taking lots of pictures and hopefully collecting a few stories to put up on the new blog.

I've started a new blog thingo called spatchCoaster and it'll be all about, uh, me, and the roller coasters, and the amusement parks, and the n'hey. It's where a lot of long-form writing about coasters will go; I started it last month with a story of my first real roller coaster ride, and I just put up a history of Busch Gardens Williamsburg that I had written a year ago and posted on MetaFilter. BGW is an odd park when it comes to coasters, and that's one of the reasons I like it so much.

I'll be writing about coasters for those who like to ride and those who prefer to stay on the ground and bite their fingernails down or whatnot. Hopefully it'll steer out of an Enthusiast Niche that way, which is not what I would like to be steered into. I would like everybody to enjoy the stories and pictures one way or another.

Anyway, feel free to add it to your wacky RSS readers or whatever. It's one part of bigger plan to pull myself back together and also do some really awesome things this summer. I will go into detail about that later on. But for now I sleep a bit until it's train time.

But once again, that new blog thing is and I'll probably be messing around a lot with the CSS until I am OCDed out.