March 27th, 2010

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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There's that scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? where Roger and Eddie Valiant are handcuffed together. After spending quite a bit of time trying and failing to get rid of the cuffs, Eddie watches in astonishment as Roger, ever the consummate cartoon professional, nonchalantly slips his hand out of his handcuff. And then back in his cuff. And then out again.

"You mean you could've done that the whole time?" Valiant asks.

"No, not at any time!" Roger says. "Only when it was funny!"

That's kinda how I felt this afternoon. Been up for far too long (spent the overnight reading first-person accounts of life in the North/South Korean DMZ, too fascinating and bizarre to pass up) and was slated to help with a "how to make an awesome recording studio treefort" session at noon. Figured I'd just stay up all the way through.

I'd pretty much crashed before I got to the session, but a cup of coffee helped keep me kind of alert. I almost zoned out completely after setup, but managed to hold it together. From what I can tell, I was pretty much conserving energy until something came up that needed to be funny at. Then I got up enough energy to go along and make or help with the joke. And then it was right back to having to sit down or yawn a lot. It was no reflection of the material; it was just plain fatigue. Unless it was funny. Somehow the energy was there in that case. It felt weird, but on the other hand it almost felt natural.

I will withhold comment on the quality of the ensuing comedy. Even being incredibly lucid doesn't mean you won't lose it every now and then. Accept defeat gracefully and move on, Young Jedi Grasshopper.

Now I am going to bed for approximately five zillion hours and I won't wake up until I am fully rested. Or the cat in the room bugs out and starts playing Let's Pester Sleeping People. Whichever comes first. That's where the rest of the focus goes, and sleep doesn't require being funny for it to work.