December 4th, 2009

Dr. Katz - Fuddy Duddy

NEEEERDS (in Squigglevision)

On the subject of World of Warcraft's repeatable daily quests, which bored me enough to stop playing a few months back:

[Mr. Spatch]: ugh, icecrown dailies [began to] feel like a job
[Mr. Spatch]: once more unto the zombie viking village
[Mr. Pin0r]: dots to the left of him
[Mr. Pin0r]: aoes to the right of him
[Mr. Spatch]: we happy few, we band of tauren
[Mr. Spatch]: For he today that's pwned in pvp / Shall be my guildie, be he ne'er so pubby
[Mr. Pin0r]: Ours is not to reason why
[Mr. Pin0r]: Ours is but to pull -- and die
[Mr. Spatch]: You're a better orc than I am, Grom Hellscream!
[Mr. Spatch]: (you sorta hafta say it "grom'll scream")
[Mr. Pin0r]: auuuugh
[Mr. Pin0r]: you're a horror, Mr. Spatch
[Mr. Spatch]: Well, you know what the music means.
Don Music


Yes, you lucky lucky humans, now is your chance to let someone who may or may not be Eartha Kitt, we're not quite sure, welcome you to the Land of Steely Dan in this 1978 commercial for Aja.

(Yes, kiddies, they really used to run television commercials for newly released record albums. Maybe someday we'll watch some more!)

There really isn't much to this, honestly, but ye gads I sure like saying "The Land of Steely Dan". Sounds like a fun place to visit, but you might want to stay away from that silver rocketship.