November 1st, 2009


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It's nearing 6:00 and I just woke up. I am still exhausted, I have no voice, there's a nice welt on one of my fingers I have absolutely no idea where it came from, and I am so tired that I just fed the cat a third of a can of tuna because his dry food is out and I have no energy to actually go out and get him more right now.

Honestly it's what I expected today to be like, so all in all it was a pretty successful weekend.
Fred Allen

More About Editing The Byfar Hour Than You Ever Wanted To Know

This was originally written in response to a post by prog about the length of The Big Broadcast. It was a very long show and there were definite spots which could have used, or outright demanded, editing for length and time. Not surprisingly, everybody has their own opinions on exactly where those spots were. prog thought that the Byfar Hour was perfectly paced, and others felt it dragged in parts. I feel exactly the same way. Both ways. The show could have been tightened, but given the time we had, what we presented on stage was the absolute best that it could be at that point.

Anyway, the full text of the comment is below. Ironically, I was unable to post it as a comment because it ran over the character limit. (That meant it was more than just a simple comment response anyway and demanded its own post.)

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Man, that was long. But I ain't editing it so there.