July 23rd, 2009


WHERE does the School Board find them, and WHY do they keep sending them to ME?!

Les Lye, whom Americans will know best as "every single adult male role" on You Can't Do That on Television, is dead at 84. He was a very, very funny guy and a good role model if you were looking to look up to a comic character actor.

I met him once in 1985, when he, Alisdair and Lisa travelled into the States for a Nickelodeon tour. He had an imposing but very friendly presence, and his announcer's voice was deep and smooth. Chatting with kids about Barth or the executioner fellow may not have been his idea of a great time, but he happily answered all questions and never once spoke down to any kid who approached him. He even managed to get us to believe that there are buckets of green slime hanging all over the studio so you always did have to watch what you say.

He was awesome, and a generation of kids sure are gonna miss him.