May 26th, 2009

Cone of Tragedy

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The reason why there are a whole bunch of NOSMO KING signs around the outside area between South Station and the Fidelity building is because

A. The wood mulch in the planters is made of wood and wood can burn, and
B. This particular concourse is wonderfully designed so that on certain days it becomes one hell of a wind tunnel, and
C. When wood mulch (which is made of wood) burns (and wood can burn) and does so in a wind tunnel, the sparks are automatically and lovingly fanned into quite a nice little smoldering pile.

So by the time I filed out onto the little stone area, the discarded cigarette butt thoughtfully dropped by some civic-minded individual had created a happily smoldering pile of cinders. Just like a real cozy campfire! Let's bring out the marshmellows and sing O, An Austrian Went Yodeling!

Me and this other guy (we were the only two people who apparently even took notice that there was this fire thing going on) spent a moment in conference to decide what to do. We couldn't stomp on it to put it out, because that'd just send the sparks flying in the wind. So which agency should we report this to: South Station, or the Fidelity building? Did we trust the same people who run the Commuter Rail to do something? I opted to head for the Fidelity building and ran into a facilities person heading out to see the little fire. She said someone was coming with an extinguisher and, from the tone of her voice, it sounded like this was a regular occurrence.

Now my clothes smell all smoky. It smells like Dad would when he'd come home after a fire call. Kinda reassuring in a childhood memory sort of way. I don't think anybody else in the office would agree, though.