May 12th, 2009

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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I got home from work, made happy noises about Mountain Dew, and then fell asleep for the usual amount of sleep I get in a night. Now my body's really confused.
Yes, I can drink an entire Mountain Dew and then go right to sleep. Your Earth chemical caffeine is useless on us, puny hu-mans. That's why we're so goddamn cranky in the morning.

Looking through the "What can I do besides to try to go back to sleep?" options, I see that Fox Movie Channel decided tonight to screen Vanishing Point. Depending on the version you get, this film is one of the best cars-go-really-fast road movies you'll see besides Two-Lane Blacktop or, like, The Cannonball Run. It inevitably has had a remake, see.

I present to you here the capsule descriptions as given to me by my channel guide thingo. Given my deep and abiding love for remakes, you can pretty much guess which version I like better, but just compare and contrast here.

Vanishing Point (1971)
An auto deliverer floors a Dodge from Denver to San Francisco, guided by a blind soul-station DJ.
Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, Charlotte Rampling, Dean Jagger, Victoria Medlin

Vanishing Point (1997)
An expectant father speeds a muscle car across four states, guided by an Indian spiritualist.
Viggo Mortensen, Christine Elise, Jason Priestley, Keith David, Steve Railsback

Even though it's just started I'm not going to watch the remake, because the only reason I would watch would be to find out just how Viggo Mortensen got himself pregnant. I'm reasonably sure the movie's going to disappoint me on that front.