March 26th, 2009


in which Damon Runyon is channeled and all is well

Here is a MetaFilter post by user clearly:
Granted, a quick glance at the tacky vintage table and its 25-cent entry fee turns off many “serious gamblers,” but anyone that’s playing Sigma Derby couldn’t care less: it’s just that much fun. The snickers and wise-cracks roll off our backs the moment those five jumpy mechanical equines hit the tracks (which happens about once every 90 seconds). One thing is for certain however, you just gotta bet the 200:1 shot.
It inspired me to write a bit of folderol this morning. The post is buried in a backlog from yesterday so it's not receiving nearly as much love as I had hoped (people seem to be enjoying a two-line fake Twitter conversation between Don Henley and a voice in his head, tho) so I thought I'd post it here, cleaned and edited up just a bit.

You Never Know Where You Stand

I am sitting in the all-night coffeeshop with Flamingo Phil, Bert Baccarat and Respect and we are all watching with great interest four citizens sitting at the table next to us who are visiting from the state of Wisconsin, which is a state that none of us have ever been to, and these citizens are excitedly talking about how much fun and enjoyment they have had putting nickels in the slot machines and watching the fruits spin and twirl. This conversation annoys Flamingo Phil and while Flamingo Phil is most certainly a gentleman of good cheer, he dislikes a lot of things in life and it is well known to one and all that putting nickels in the slot machines is one of them.

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