March 13th, 2009

Abbie onna Table

coconut-like sound

There are times when the cat wakes me up by doing something incredibly stupid. In one infamous episode, he woke me up by getting his head caught in some venetian blinds while his sister passed the time jumping in the tub. Then there was the morning when he realized I had a baby bird stashed in the nightstand drawer and was eager for us to get up and get that breakfast going.

This morning, though, he really raised the bar on head-scratching insanity. As inexplicable as it was, he did come out of it a True Galactic Hero so all is well for his immediate future and rest assured the gypsies won't be coming by any time soon asking to see the cat they heard about on Craigslist. He woke me up by making a series of thudding sounds.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. That's what roused me from my happy slumber and tore my mind away from thoughts of whatever it was I was dreaming about at the time. I guess it couldn't have been all that good a dream if I don't remember it now, but yesterday I had a pretty great idea for a TV show thanks to a dream. Maybe this time around I was optioning for the movie rights. I don't know. At any rate, the thud I heard wasn't the sound of a paw against a plastic bag, or a paw on the door, or a paw on the scratching post. It was something new. So I turned the light on to check.

The cat was banging his head against the floor. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Well, it was more like he was jabbing his cute widdo snoot against the floor rather than hitting it with the flat top of the skull, but it was distinctly a head-to-floor move.

This intrigued me.

Further investigation revealed that Mr. The Cat had found himself a smallish spider on the floor, and was happily tormenting it by pecking at it much like a chicken would. As the spider was not moving as quickly as most prey, the cat didn't need to use his paw and jab it quickly should it dash away or just swipe at it to be mean. No, he was more than content to just sit on the floor and use his head. I was impressed. Either he was being incredibly lazy or incredibly innovative or both. Sometimes the best innovation is borne from laziness.

Eventually Abbie decided he'd pecked at it enough times and actually bent his head down and ate the spider with great gusto and minchminchminch sounds. Hooray for the cat! Let's all pet him and tell him what a Good Cat he is!

My congratulations were cut short when Abbie spotted another spider nearby, this one the size of a dime. He plopped down near it and started the hunt-and-peck process all over again, and eventually ate that spider as well. No paws. Just pecking. All in all it was very exciting for 3 AM and I am glad to know that the cat still does hunt the multi-legged critters. The one in the shower seems to have survived merely because the cat does not take showers. (You try giving him one.)

I'm not going to determine where the spiders are coming from since the cat's got a good angle on that. Besides, I don't really need to know. Unless the location is near my pillow, which it's not. I did check there before going back to bed. Foresight and all.

I don't think I'm going to be able to shake the mental image of a cat sitting there just bonking things with his nose, though. It was like watching a kid at a pie-eating contest. If he horks up spider parts all over the Ladies' Auxiliary, though, I'm going to pretend like I never saw a thing.