February 13th, 2009

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You know what's fun? Okay, other than that.

Or that.

Or that-- listen, I'll tell you what's fun. When your olfactory sense gets all messed up and you stop tasting certain kinds of flavor. But I ain't celebrating right now. See, when your sense of taste goes crazy thanks to the miracle magical flavor tripping supertaster fruit stuff, at least you have fun with it. When it happens due to illness, the illness tends to carry the crankiness over to the taste buds.

For instance, during last night's dinner I was chagrined to discover that the salty and savory portions of my tastebuds had gone on strike, while the bitter tasters happily continued tasting all the bitter stuff. Mmm, mmm. The sweet and sour tasters didn't have much to do either. It seemed like it was totally the bitters' night.

And this morning, my sense of smell is doing roughly the same thing, though I can't exactly group it in the same easy five categories. I was unable to smell my freshly-watered oatmeal-in-a-cup this morning, but when I walked into the office bathroom, I could instantly tell someone had gone and dropped a bomb.

I feel like this is the ironic ending of a Twilight Zone episode. OH GAWD I BROKE MY READING GLASSES

like dave bowman approachin jupiter yo

One of the more popular Logan runway approaches goes over Davis Square and some nights we are treated to the sounds of many airplanes flying overhead. Tonight I am ill, and as such have been taking various funtime illness-chasing medicines to keep me sleepy and restful. I know they're not here to cure squat. They are merely diversions from the pains in the throat and sinuses and whatnot. And usually they're enough to let me sleep through what would otherwise be a rotten evening of throat hacking and tossing and turning.


Ever have your mind blown when you're hopped up on something and an airplane goes overhead?


Now multiply that by a zillion.