January 6th, 2009

Tom Lehrer is Smug


While I didn't exactly start dodging falling sky pieces today regarding the whole LJ layoffs thing, I did take the advantage to slam the servers like everybody else and use the LJ Archive tool to keep a backup of all the hilarious times I said the cat did something stupid or times when I posted horribly scribbled pictures of orcs behaving badly or whatever. I archived all comments too just for gits and shiggles, and wanted to point out the Top Ten Commenters And Now You Know Who You Are:

10. tyopsqueene, who is teh prettiest at 231 comments
9. betweenstations, who has snarked along 247 times
8. mmcirvin, providing 250 doses of wry insight
7. plumtreeblossom, talkin bout theater and cats and whatnot for 293 comments
6. pecosy, who found the opportunity to send kind words around 300 times
5. phonemonkey, comiserating and conspiring 309 times
4. ron_newman, who ubiquitously leapt up to 426 comments apparently when I wasn't looking (Ron! Was like only yesterday you joined up, wasn't it?)
3. cheezdanish, my favorite Sally, who has been bushels of sweetness and RAWR KILL for 468 comments
2. The all-powerful Anonymous Coward with 579 comments, and I'm willing to bet most of those belong to susskins before he created an LJ account simply to make comments

but the runaway Chatty Cathy award, at a mind-boggling 764 comments, goes to

Holy cow, man! However did you manage that?!

Anyway, if it all ends tomorrow, now you know where you stood commentswise. But yer all #1 in my heart.