October 24th, 2008

Muppet News Flash

File under Yeah, Oh Hells

beth47 just pointed out to me that, for 90 bux plus shippin' and handlin', FAO Schwarz will let you design your own Muppet.

I had to dig a bit on the site to find that yes, it's a full-on hand and rod puppet. (Sorry, no two-person Monsters or, er, Monsters of any kind.) Regardless, this concept is pretty awesome. Your finished version, at least, the finished online CGI-scripted construct you see at the end of the design process looks a little off (the round noses look kinda big) but I'm willing to bet the actual product has the proper proportions.

Now this, this is awesome, and for some reason now I've got Avenue Q songs stuck in my head.

time for go be on radio

I'm heading out now to join the Radio Caravan of the Air Well Actually We're on a Road as we make our way to Soldier's Field Road and the WBZ studios. From there we'll be preparing for our midnight slot on the Jordan Rich Show. To say I'm nervous is a little bit of an understatement; one gets many chances to yammer on like a yammering yammerer as life progresses, but rarely does one get the opportunity to yammer away on the most powerful AM radio station on the Eastern Seaboard.

Again, we'll be yammering at midnight EST (an hour and a half away!) so if you're in the area and awake, tune on in; if you're not in the area but interested, you can catch the stream live at http://www.wbz1030.com.