July 6th, 2008


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Yes, we've had ourselves a finale and it's all over but the crying. BUT WHO'S GOING TO CRY THE MOST? Find out TONIGHT as we watch a spoiler-filled

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Another season down and on we go to the Christmas special, sooner or later. I'm going back now to watch the first Sylvester McCoy season. It's got some of the cheesiest, wackiest serials: Paradise Towers and Delta and the Bannermen are just absolutely nuts, and McCoy played the Doctor in a zany way (he wouldn't turn dark until Ace came aboard) and so I want to see how well I'll tolerate it and if I'll chalk up the cheese to "oh well, it was 1987" or "oh well, I was a kid when they aired" or what. Gain some historical perspective and all that.