March 26th, 2008

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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Okay, first let me say just how disgusting it is when one's own sick makes one sick. (er.) And when one has gas comin' out of both ends. Ever burp and a fart came out? IT'S TERRIBLE. DO NOT TRY IT. You can't even make a cute word amalgamation out of the hideous experience because you'll either get furp or bart. And you don't want either one. Please, for the love of all that's holy, trust me on this one. I was completely mortified this afternoon. I took too many items to the self checkout lane at the supermarket because I didn't want to talk to anyone.

Ok. Gross out is over. I feel better now. I had chicken broth and tuna (NOT AT THE SAME TIME) and things are staying down and feeling better. The stomach isn't going all Joe Versus The Volcano as it was. This is good. I may be up for living tomorrow. Living is good.

Speaking of living, here's a good argument for it: in honor of Tom Lehrer's upcoming 80th birthday (April 9th, start writing those cards now) a YouTube fan has uploaded actual video footage of Tom Lehrer performing (with Mr. L's blessing, no less.) An entire concert, mind you.

Now let me just illustrate exactly how powerful these intar webs are. See, it was only ten years or so ago that I actually saw the first pictures I ever saw of the man, a fellow who honestly has been a inspiration to me for almost twenty-five years now (my parents tried in vain to ban me from listening to Lehrer and similar Dr. Demento artists in the fifth grade, because my sense of sarcasm had become unbearable. That was when this young lad learned a bit about tact. We're still learning, but everybody's gotta begin somewhere, right?) All I saw was a scan of an album cover; Mr. Lehrer had his arm stuck in a Gramophone and was hollering loudly. Actually, it may have been Allan Sherman. Who knows?

Anyway, now here's video of his performances right up there for me to see. Yes, life is good. And I've a new default LJ icon (sorry, Magoo, you got trumped.)

Tomorrow is looking better and better.

Oh, and also, to my Canadian friends: I just saw the first four episodes of Corner Gas. How come you been holdin out on me all this time? Ain't I been good to you? My gosh but that's entertaining television.