March 9th, 2008

The Simpsons - Screw You

There are four lights.

I don't like discussing politics because it invariably makes me angry. If it's not the schoolyard tactics of campaigning ("Teacher! Teacher!") then it's the polarized If You Ain't For Us You're Agin Us attitude, or a career politician in public office making decisions based not on whether or not it's good for their constituents but whether or not it'll get them re-elected or nominated for a higher position somewhere down the line, or any number of other things that make me grind my teeth down to fine powder. And when one gets that irked, one sometimes lets their emotions get in the way of things and really begins to shoot off a mouth or two.

I also don't like discussing politics at least on LJ because I have a lot of friends who cover a wide swath of the political spectrum, from conservatives to libertarians to Red Staters to Blue Staters to Greens to socialists (and y'all know who you are.) I don't wish to stir up flamewars either between friends. (But on the other hand, if you're judging people solely on their political beliefs, mine might not be the friends list you'd like to be on.)

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Amendment to a parting blow

I have redesigned the monument to George W. Bush in my mind.

The monument now consists of a flagpole surrounded by a square of chain-link fence nine feet high. The fence is topped with razor wire.

Surrounding the chain-link fence are two rows of concrete Jersey Barriers.

The flag is permanently at half-mast. Once the full monument is set up, accessing the flag would require dismantling part of the piece.

However, a plaque on one side of the monument will read:

If the mournful flag at half-mast bothers you, do not worry.
We'll just saw the top half of the flagpole off
and everything will be all right again.

2001 - 2009