March 5th, 2008

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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For everyone else who didn't know Shipoopi, now's the chance to get it into your heads:

Here's the musical number from the Music Man film with Buddy Hackett as Marsellus. (Thanks, beth47!) The video starts out with a bit of distortion but works out near the end. Lookit those dance moves! As energetic as the barn-raising dance in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, though not as nearly creative with nearby props. But my!

And then here's the Family Guy parody, sung by Peter Griffin FOR REASON WHATSOEVER when he scores a touchdown for the New England Patriots (long story.) This is a lot more than a throwaway Let's Go There joke; notice how much of the movie's choreography is used in the number. This is why I can't totally write Family Guy off; Seth MacFarlane is a theater/old movie geek, plain and simple, and when he gets the chance to throw in Shipoopi or do an entire episode based off a Crosby-Hope Road movie, I'm happy.