March 3rd, 2008

Tom Lehrer is Smug

do re mi fa so la si do-si-do

We all know that a Shipoopi (shi-POOP-i! shi-POOP-i!) is the girl who's hard to get -- or, depending on which side of the chorus you're on, the girl whom you can win yet. But just WHAT THE DICKENS DOES IT MEAN?! Is it really just a nonsense word made up so that 9th grade productions can snicker while singing it?

Me and Meredith Willson are gonna have a long, long talk some time up in the Lofty Clouds, I tell you what. (I'll also have to thank him for the Chicken Fat song, which is one of the best things Robert Preston ever did.)

Also, anyone who's just gotten the song in their head, you're welcome. It won't wash out for days.
Squeeze her once when she isn't lookin
If you get a squeeze back, that's fancy cookin!
They're filming a movie A MOVIE A MOVIE WOOP WOOP WOOP MOVIE ALERT MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE okay around the Fort Point Channel today. It's a Jennifer Garner/Matthew McConaughey vehicle called "The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" or somesuch and already sightings of ol' Wooderson have circulated around town. The office is abuzz over who they may see hanging around our normally run-down industrial waterfront location, shades of 2005 when The Departed was shooting around here and at least one person ran back in from their lunch break breathlessly talking about how they saw Matt or Leo from far, far away. Lacey Chabert and Michael Douglas are also in the cast, but so far all the talk I've heard about is McConaughey! Garner! Garner! McConaughey! McConaughey AND Garner! Garner AND McConaughey!

Me, I saved my rapt fascination this morning for watching a couple of techs beginning to assemble a large 50-foot telescoping (louma? panaflex?) crane with what looked to be a Gyron mount. Funny, ever since the SCTV parody Polynesiantown, I've had somewhat of an affinity for crane shots. Lord have mercy now that is a loverly piece of equipment. I'd watch them move that thing all over God's creation and still want to see it go through its paces again and again and again (she will never get sore if you beg her pardon!)

A breakthrough of sorts

I decided to try the first tier songs on Guitar Hero 1 on Hard.

I actually felt like I knew what I was doing, found my fingers were going where they needed to go in order to move up and down the neck, and I actually five-starred almost every song on the first try except Infected.

I went WHOA WAIT I CAN WHOA WHOA WHOA. Something had clicked. I was chuffed.

So I went to Guitar Hero 2 and tried the first tier on Hard.
Golf balls made their way through garden hoses.