December 11th, 2007

Tom Lehrer is Smug

old joke, new subject

Q. If the crazy Ron Paul supporters on the street got into a brickbat fight with the crazy Lyndon LaRouche supporters, who would win?
A. The American public.

Spike Dancing The Hula

Sonnet in ABBA

Pray, scorn me not! I pledge my troth to thee
And if thou shalt ever deign to change thy mind
My love so strong compels me head the line
In the hopes thou tak'st a chance on me.

Oft times have I thought back upon that night
O sweet Fernando, canst thou hear the drums?
Their beat brings something in the air that comes
To make the stars of liberty shine bright.

Behold, this lass of only seventeen
What beauty this, such grace upon the floor!
Jiveth she as none have dared before
O truly, for she is the Dancing Queen.

It's oft been told the winner takes it all
If that be so, the loser takes the fall.