October 1st, 2007

Shaun of the Dead - Beatdown


My flight itinerary this morning was to leave Ontario, California at around 11:30 am PST, change planes in Denver, and arrive in Boston around 9:30 or so EST. Sure.

Upon check-in, I find that my Denver connection had been cancelled outright. However, United had thoughtfully provided me with the option to take a flight via SFO that left at 11:00 am and arrived at a similar time.

"Sounds good to me," I said, and selected it.

"Oh sorry," the check-in computer said. "This flight is closed already. You can't make it."

"So what's the point of offering it to me, you dimwit?" I asked fruitessly. Then my phone made a HAY YOU GOT A MESSAGE buzz. It was United's automated service, letting me know my Denver connection had been cancelled and that I could take a flight via SFO that left at 11:00 am and arrived in Boston similar to my original time.

The timestamp on the message was just about at the same time as the computer went BZZT YOU CAN'T GO.

The next flight was to leave ONT at 2 and arrive near to 1:00 am. I asked the counter lady if there was any other flight combo that might work, as I have to take the Red Line home and it closes after midnight and there was no earthly way I was going to make it what with waiting for my baggage and then hoping the Silver Line was still running and... yeah. By the time all was said and done, I'd be out a way home.

The lady in ONT was very very helpful. She said "We've got a non-stop leaving LAX at 2:00 pm and arriving in Boston around 10:30 pm. I can get you an extra legroom seat, and here is a voucher for a free ground shuttle to LAX." (ONT and LAX are about an hour apart in good traffic.)

Off I went with a huzzah and a hey and a phew. Arrived in LAX around noon, had a nice lunch, and then went to where the Departure board had originally told me the Boston flight was departing, just at about the time it started boarding.

Nobody was there. Strange, huh.

So I went to check the board again and noticed we'd moved a few gates down so I went there. People were there. Nobody was boarding.

We checked the board again. Suddenly the flight had been delayed to a departure time of 5:00 pm. There'd been no announcement, no PA squawking, no nothing. It took a passenger to check the board to see what the fuck was going on.

The flight would be leaving at roughly the same time I was supposed to have arrived in Boston in the first place.

I am livid.
I am beyond furious.
I don't want to A. arrive in Boston extremely late, B. take a cab home extremely late, and C. be extremely late so I can then wake up three hours later BRIGHT AND FRESH FOR WORK at a job that is completely killing me even when I've rested up fine, and THEN have a two-hour rehearsal session afterwards, which I need to hold as I missed last week's when I was sicker than dead things.


I expected to get home at a NORMAL PEOPLE REASONABLE TIME and get a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP and be ready for the return to the real world tomorrow, and instead I get SHIT.

The lady in Ontario and the shuttle people were really nice and friendly in the face of corporate and management stupidity. Once I got to LAX, which is its own special circle of Hell, I've gotten nothing. Nothing whatsoever. None of the passengers knew what was going on. Hell, we still don't, except that now we're supposed to be leaving at five.

I am so furious right now I could kick trash cans over and cussing in front of more litte kids all around. But then I wouldn't be arriving in Boston at any time soon.

Christ on a crutch.