August 14th, 2007

Tom Lehrer is Smug

facts which you may or may not have known before, but now you do

The menu item for the cheese fondue at Grendel's reads "Serves two." This is incorrect. There appears to be a printing blemish on each and every menu. Upon removing the blemish, the menu clearly states "Serves two armies."

Holy cats. Six of us could not even finish the beast, which was served in crockery the size of one's head. That's not to say we did our damndest, though, because the stuff was very delicious and quite filling. But we left a whole lot behind, and now I reckon I won't need to eat until the end of the month.

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as too much cheese, no matter what Wisconsin tries to tell you.
Make Mine Moxie

This Bostonian tips his cap to a departed Yankee.

"Here's the windup, fastball, hit deep to right, this could be it! Way back there! Holy cow, he did it! Sixty-one for Maris! And look at the fight for that ball out there! Holy cow, what a shot! Another standing ovation for Maris, and they're still fighting for that ball out there, climbing over each other's backs. One of the greatest sights I've ever seen here at Yankee Stadium!"
- Phil Rizzuto calling Roger Maris' record-breaking 61st home run, asterisks bedamned, on October 1, 1961.
"If we'd had [Phil] Rizzuto in Boston, we'd have won all those pennants instead of New York."
- Ted Williams, campaigning for Rizzuto's inclusion in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
After many years of always-bridesmaiding-never-briding, Scooter was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1994. The oldest living Hall of Famer died today at the age of 89.

Scooter's made it over the GWB for the last time. Godspeed.