August 12th, 2007

Admit One

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A little while ago, Noah pointed out an actual movie that looked, for all intents and purposes, like a fake movie used in a sitcom ("I'm pretty sure this was produced by Maeby Funke for Tatamount Studios," he comments.) It probably would've been the type of movie pitched by its creator as a wholly different beast that eventually made its way to the cinema, I'd hasten to add.

Well to this category I'd sure like to nominate Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, a name for a Troy McClure vehicle if ever there was one.

Hey, speaking of Simpsons stuff, I finally saw the movie over the weekend and was absolutely thrilled with how it came out. It was one of the best TV-to-movie adaptations ever, mostly because they pulled out all the stops and came up with something that made me feel that it was okay to have missed the last seven or eight seasons now. They did some things they never could've gotten away with on the show, either standards-wise or storyline-wise, but they stuck to the core storylines of the show (instead of "reimagining" it, much like Lost In Space or Bewitched or -shudder- Underdog) and that's what made it so damn good. It was a feature-length Simpsons episode featuring the characters we knew and loved, but with more scope than any two-parter could have ever hoped to have accomplished. When I thought they'd gone and gotten the meta jokes out of the way, they ended up springing a few more throughout the course of the film. Very nice. I also believe they did their damndest to make sure every single character, supporting, background or otherwise, was shown at least once (even if that once was "in the giant mob with torches" scene), but I did notice two omissions:

1. No tribute to Phil Hartman anywhere? Not even a billboard for a Troy McClure movie?
2. Shouldn't the President have been Rainier Wolfcastle? I mean, he is the Schwarzenegger of the Simpsons universe, so it would've only seemed fitting. The Schwarzenegger joke was almost just a little too much for me, but lines like "I was elected to lead, not to read" more than made up for that.

However, with only two things amiss, there were a zillion more things spot-on and the little touches and references to previous shows were greatly appreciated. Lots of fun, and it was even more fun seeing it at the Somerville Theater with its new beer 'n wine license, which meant we got to enjoy the film while knocking back a cool frosty Duff (which tasted interestingly enough like a certain IPA of renown.)