June 29th, 2007



Now this is an example of How Not To Use Branding For Promotional Purposes:

Check out the New MySpace Profile Editor NEW!
Now powered by Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer

So, how exactly does the Fantastic Four power the profile editor? Did Reed Richards construct the server it runs on? Did Sue Storm program the backend? Does The Thing correct your mistakes by hollering "IT'S CLOBBERIN TIME!" as you hit backspace? Does... god, this just doesn't work. I -- I give up.

(I tried the link. It doesn't work.)


Oh dear god.
NBC's Passions is putting on a Fake Wicked. I mean, they've got these musical numbers up. There's a girl in greenface. And a blonde girl in white. On stage. In a Fake Magical Boarding School. Singing Fake Stephen Schwartz Songs. I don't know why. Their names, according to the close-captioning, are Esmerelda and Tabitha. Singing a cross between "Popular" and "What Is This Feeling?"

It looks like it was directed by Corky St. Clair. I'm not fucking kidding. This is so hilariously bad, I've got tears from all the laughing.

And I'm so gonna give a kidney punch to the person who alerted it to me on IM.


Esmerelda: Oh, you're so jealous, you're turning -- ! Oh, wait. You already turned green.

And they just did an "It's not easy being green" joke. I'ma crying here.

EDIT EDIT: They just ran out of green makeup, so Tabitha turned Caucasian "by magic." And now they're doing a musical number called "Fly Away."