June 13th, 2007

Tom Lehrer is Smug


                         PERFECT TOMMY
             Emilio Lizardo.  Wasn't he on TV once?

                         BUCKAROO BANZAI
             You're thinking of Mr. Wizard.

             Emilio Lizardo is a top scientist, dumkopf.

                         PERFECT TOMMY
             So was Mr. Wizard!

so God if you're above and it's orphans that you love...

It's a marvelous day at the Porcupine Racetrack! See it before Viacom notices and yanks it from YouTube.

(the video quality is crummy but that's what you get when the only time this was ever released, it was on VHS and it was a long time ago.)

Oh, and there also seems to be a nice copy of The Jew, The Italian and The Redhead Gay as well! Hooray for Viacom not noticing!

My favorite part of this one is the gasping-while-holding at the end.

ps: we had the two-forty, we had to have the pudding. aw yeah.