June 6th, 2007

Tom Lehrer is Smug

Quality of Product is Essential to Continuing Success

Currently the top ad banner on the boston.com page I'm reading is for one of those stupid "Wacky Video" sites, you know, the kind that mostly seem to feature cuh-razy car wrecks and rednecks flying off their ATVs.

The left-hand side of the ad banner reads, and I'm copying this verbatim and including a [sic] for you to stick as you see fit:
Thats gotta hurt!
Yes, yes it does.

Oh, they finally switched the Reebok ad on the ad kiosk outside South Station. I don't know if the inside banners were switched as well; I wasn't looking in that direction today. At any rate, the ad on the outdoor sign is now another one of those heavily-stylized day-glo checkerboard-and-curved-neon "Welcome To The 80s, iPod People" ads we've already seen.

The Helpful Comma is still affixed to the kiosk glass. Right now, though, it has little to no effect on its surroundings.