March 26th, 2007

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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It's no secret that the LiveJournal "schools" list includes some stalwart institutions of -- er -- dubious actuality, such as Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (which a zillion people have claimed as their alma mater.) There's also Miskatonic University, which slightly less than a zillion people have claimed as theirs, and I am in that list somewhere (though I've listed my affiliation as 2001 to the present; I'm in the extended graduate program there apparently.)

However, other fictitious learning institutions aren't very well-represented. Several schools in Quahog, Rhode Island, are featured (good ol' Buddy Cianci Junior High, as well as James Woods High) and Bayside High School in Bayside, California is in there and I'd love to lay claim to having attended that august institution, because I sure as heck feel as if I know Zack, Kelly, AC, Screech and the gang like regular classmates, but no. Must proudly display the actual Amherst Regional "If That's Okay" High School colors.

But what are missing? Oh golly, quite a few:

Faber College, Faber, Pennsylvania
James Buchanan High School, Brooklyn ("The 4th Largest City in America")
Huxley College, somewhere in New England (you can't search for school; you have to drill down by state and city. Besides, there really is a Huxley College and it's not the one with Quincy Wagstaff as the president)
Port Chester University, Port Chester, Connecticut
Pacific Institute of Technology (adding this one's a moral imperative!)

EDIT: Mustn't forget Vince Lombardi High, aka Rock & Roll High School ("DO YOUR PARENTS KNOW YOU'RE RAMONES?!")

aaaand the most egregious of all omissions:
Wossamatta U, Frostbite Falls, Minnesota

I would gladly add myself to the distinguished alumni list of such a great institution. Who wouldn't? And what institution would you claim to have attended?