March 24th, 2007

Tom Lehrer is Smug


                        88           88
                        88           88
                        88           88
 ,adPPyba,  ,adPyyba,   88,dPPYba,   88,dPPYba,   ,adPPYba,
a8P_____88  ""'   '"8a  88P'    "8a  88P'    "8a  I8[    ""
8PP"""""""  aaaaaaadd8  88       d8  88       d8   `"Y8ba,
"8b,   ,aa  88     d8"  88b,   ,a8"  88b,   ,a8"  aa    ]8I
 `"Ybbd8"'  `"Ybbd8"    8Y"Ybbd8"'   8Y"Ybbd8"'   `"YbbdP"'

[Reads like Postscript.]
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And here I thought today couldn't possibly get worse.