March 21st, 2007

Tom Lehrer is Smug

Emmy Theme Song Winners -- with EXTRA BLUE TEXT due to SO MUCH LJ NAMEDROPPING

Well, the guesses are in, the answers tallied, and I discover gosh, this game was tougher than I think anyone expected. But now I am pleased to present the Emmy Theme Song Throwdown Showdown Award for Excellence In The Field of Guessing to...

ubiquity75 and mybadhairlife for their tie for first with 7 correct answers each!

I knew that ubiquity75 would play a strong game, what with St. Bea Arthur, patron saint of sitcoms, smiling over her, but I am quite impressed with mybadhairlife's showing, as she represents the Crazy Cat Ladies of Canada. My scope of uniquely Canadian television pretty much runs from Degrassi Junior High to This Hour Has 22 Minutes to a couple of episodes of Corner Gas (stuff like Kids In The Hall and SCTV enjoyed their own American versions) so I've got mad respect. Congratulations! You may both pick up your free skate passes at the snack bar.

Runners-up, with six correct answers to their credit, are sernin, giantfightbot and scholargipsy. Well done! We'll keep your commemorative T-Shirts at the front gate until you're ready to leave the park for the day.

And I mustn't forget to mention the illustrious Five-Timers Club, as the group of people with five answers correct is the largest number of people in the bunch. duchez, some_kitten, joenotcharles, eyeawry, nolly, luckimunki, elfyone, dogofthefuture and scholargipsy are all proud members of this august institution, and your membership cards are in the mail.

Few bits o' note: marphod mentioned his strategy was to choose the sci-fi/fantasy option whenever possible; it started out quite sound but then fizzled as we approached a post-9/11 world. 3 correct answers.

limax explained his strategy was to use "the Gomer Pyle method" and while I'm not quite sure what that means, it netted him 4 correct answers.

I won't publically point out and laugh at those who didn't get the 2000 question right in spite of the fact that I explicitly named the winner in my opening paragraphs. However, I will giggle at dogofthefuture for this, but only because he admitted and bemoaned his own folly out in the screened comments. You're like the Price Is Right contestant who bids $1 on the item up for bids, and only then realizes they're third in the bidding order. But hey, you made the Five-Timers Club!

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Hope everybody had fun playing, and everybody who played gets a nice "PARTICIPANT" ribbon that they can put on their bulletin board, or give to a friend. Whoopee!