November 19th, 2006


for your consideration

I caught Christopher Guest's latest ensemble piece, For Your Consideration, last night. The good news is that it's pretty funny in parts, and Guest's usual cast does their best. But the bad news is that it's really Guest's weakest movie. Everything looks like it's in place to really come together right, but for whatever reason, the film doesn't. However, as tylerpistol so eloquently put it in the comments, even a weak Christopher Guest film is totally worth seeing.

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The Simpsons - Screw You

Even more sucking from the MBTA

I WAS GOING THROUGH the Glob's back Starts & Stops columns and found a question several of us had about the T's longtime tradition of letting monthly passholders bring a friend with them for free on Sundays (just flash your pass at the attendant, say "It's all right, he's with me" and hey presto, it's just like getting your pal on the guest list of an exclusive bus or train-riding nightclub!)

Eagle-eyed monthly passholders have noticed this offer no longer is written on the new Charlie Cards. Heck, the museum discounts aren't mentioned, either. Someone named Bennie wrote the Globe about it, and got this response. Keep in mind the "proposed fare increase" mentioned was subsequently voted on and approved.
The answer, Bennie, is that the Sunday two-fer will end if the proposed fare increase is approved on Thursday.

Joe Pesaturo, MBTA spokesman, said the change is one of the many fare anomalies being "addressed" in the proposed fare structure.
Anomaly? It was an anomaly in the eyes of management?! Not something nice, not a special bonus for monthly passholders, but an anomaly. An irregularity. Something that shouldn't be there in the first place.

How insulting.

I for one consider the current MBTA management to be an anomaly, one that should be addressed as quickly as possible.


"Holy Matrimony!" Fall Formal Enjoyed By All
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Sophomore Kate Holmes (left) and date, senior Thomas Cruise (right) enjoy their time together at last weekend's Fall Formal Dance, held in the Blackstone River Room of the Ramada Inn at Highway 78 in Haverville. Taking the "Holy Matrimony!" theme to heart, Holmes and Cruise entered together in adorable wedding regalia, and stayed around the refreshment table long enough to enjoy some of the delicious hors d'oeuvres provided by Chez Miscavige. After awkwardly dancing together for several songs, the two separated for the rest of the evening, with Holmes seated alone at a table anxiously fiddling with her wrist corsage while Cruise "went out back to play poker with some of the football guys." Sounds like a lot of fun for the happy couple!
Uncle Duke

Dear Ferris

The Gilded Moose is a damn good celebrity snark site, but I've never seen it come up with something so brilliant (and brilliantly depressing) as letters from Cameron to Ferris Bueller 20 years later.

I'd heard rumors that John Hughes once was entertaining the thought of a "20-years-later" sequel to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but that doesn't have to happen now.