May 25th, 2006

Grim Grinning Ghost

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Ever wanted to operate Pirates of the Caribbean or the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland? Well, now you can read up on some 1970s-era operating manuals and pretend to be a Loader! Or perhaps a wily Dispatcher! Or maybe you'll choose to live the nomadic life in the Utility section!

I will not be held responsible if you do choose to go over and try to be cool and start yammering on in internal language and whatnot, much like I am not responsible for your well-being if you stroll up to a carny and say "Hey Rube."

alas for bang! howdy

The makers of Puzzle Pirates just put Bang! Howdy, their Western-themed online RTS, into public beta.

It plays like Bang! Laggy for me, sadly. I can't even get out of the tutorial without it locking up on me. Turns out the game has some serious memory leaks in it, and it sucks down my 512MB like it was one of those little "Mini Sip" drinks. Probably won't be able to play for a while, but that's the nature of beta and I accept that. I can wait a while and watch the bugsquashing.

But I'll really wanna play soon, cause I made the cowboy with the bestest name ever:

Dusty Springfield.