May 18th, 2006

Tom Lehrer is Smug

oh it is a weekend

Things are incredibly busy this weekend. I simply don't know when sleep will happen.

Amy J arrives Friday afternoon, and Pete and I have volunteered to pick her up at the airport. Then it's off to see some of the Harvard museums, as Pete wants nothing to do with South-Of-The-River. SINGIN IN THE RAIN after dinner, which will probably be at Bartley's, and then I dunno. Maybe Eason and Molly will show up and help us find something more to do.

Saturday is the camp reunion party day. Dinner at Summer Shack at 4, party at home after 6 or so. The guest list is around 40. Ye gods! Pete is coming by Saturday morning to help set up. Krissy arrives from Pennsylvania around 3, she'll help with the setup, and then we go off to the restaurant.

From then on, it's one big future blur. I really have no idea what'll happen next.