February 17th, 2006

Tom Lehrer is Smug

Whoever Says "Brit-Com" Gets A Sock In The Snoot From Yours Truly Dept.

000. Stephen King's Cell is a perfect conceptual book in that I don't need to progress any further beyond the concept to appreciate it. Cell phone virus turns people into crazed brainless ultraviolents? Yeah, that's pretty cool. So cool, in fact, I completely don't feel the need to actually read the book. I know that the execution, no matter how well done, won't ever compare to the concept as I think about it. I do hear King gets positively Romero very early on, and that's awesome, but I don't need any unnecessary details such as "a story" or "plot" burdening down the concept of "cell phones turn people into mad crazy zombies."

001. I watched the first two episodes of The IT Crowd, the new UK sitcom about the wacky world of geeky geeks last night and I've got very mixed feelings about it. I laughed quite a bit, make no mistake, but then I felt bad about some of it afterwards. The laughs I felt good about were due to good old-fashioned comic timing, though, and the show is chock-full of it. I expected that since it's written by one of the guys behind Father Ted.

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