January 17th, 2006

Tom Lehrer is Smug

some answers

Who is the most overrated actor (or actress) in Hollywood?
I'm not sure. Overrated doesn't have to mean you're bad; just saddled with a lot of unnecessary praise and subsequent high expectations. I think folks pin a lot on Dakota Fanning that she may or may not deserve -- she's just a kid, for crying out loud, and she can't be expected to be a superstar in every picture, regardless of her level of precociousness. The people who were shocked, shocked that she wasn't all that hot in WAR OF THE WORLDS, say, were the same people who overrated her in the first place. Poor kid.

Do you prefer chunky or creamy peanut butter?
With these teeth, creamy. Though chunky is a lot of fun.

Who's the man with the master plan?
Not sure, but whoever he is, I bet he sure likes to jump around.

Tragedy tomorrow or comedy tonight?
From personal experience, choose the comedy tonight, cause the tragedy tomorrow will come whether you want it to or not.

Who put the bomp in the bomp-ba-bomp-ba-bomp?
Leonard Nimoy. He grew up a few blocks from here.

Why "Spatch?"
Because all the other good names were taken. Also, Spatch is the diminutive for 'spatula', which was my account name on the UMass systems (again, because all good permutations of my real name were taken.)

How long have you been on livejournal?
Apparently since June 25, 2003. A very exciting day in LJ-land: I posted IN ALL CAPS, broke my journal with a future dated entry, busted my knee while talking to Mom on the phone, and made a Highlights for Children wife-swapping joke. All in the space of six hours! Wow!

You & I get granted 2 free weeks & $10,000 all of which we must spend together. All other restrictions save laws of physics are suspended. Where do we go & what do we do?
You mentioned later that roller coasters wouldn't exactly suspend the laws of physics, so two ideas: Tokyo DisneySea looks rather amazing. It's owned by private investors with deep pockets so it's Disney Imagineering done right, instead of Imagineering taken down a peg by penny-pinching execs. On the other hand, so do Port Aventura and Terra Mitica and I'm sure there'll be money left over for to explore Spain thoroughly.

Have the mice stopped leaving you ransom notes? Or has Abby done all the negotiating necessary?
The mice haven't been seen. I've had to start cleaning up Abbie's dining area again, so I know the meeses aren't snitching the food away.

What should they do to the jackass "scientist" in Korea who faked cloning stem cells?
I dunno. What did we do with the guys who faked cold fusion?

What's the word on the street?
Top Grunge's got the Mona Lisa and has been tracked to Budapest, so now it's time to cut to... THE CHAAAAAASE (I know that's not the joke, but I couldn't think of a good word to actually write on the street.)

Got pho?
Not right now! Please see the Oatmeal Picture and pretend that instead of oatmeal, I am holding No Pho.

How'd it wind up with that girl?
She married Donald, and the series went downhill.

who is gay?
What, you want a canonical list? We're gonna be here for a loooooong time...

Who put the bomp, in the bomp, in the bomp in the bomp sh-bomp?
You gotta meet the person a few questions up. They'll fill you in.

Where in the world IS Carmen San Diego? And where do I get the version with Rockapella on VHS or DVD to force-feed to my kids?
I didn't realize there was a version without Rockapella. I remember the "Where In Time?" show had that Up With People-like Time Team or whatever.

Hey - you didn't answer my question last time round, so I'm sulking. SAD FACE.
That's not a question.

ps: take me to a roller coaster park in Boston!
Oh, ok. You're done sulking? Good. You're going to Canobie Lake Park in May. Didja know that? Well, you are now.

Could you please pass the salt?
It's on the banana.