December 9th, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

your tip for today

If you can get your hands on a copy of Wizard People, Dear Reader I highly recommend it, if only for the part when the narrator dude (who sounds like a young Gilbert Gottfried) refers to Minerva McGonagall as "Hardcastle McCormick."
Tom Lehrer is Smug

I'll make you eggs and you'll tell me I'm great

South Station is now plastered (and so am I!) with ads for Heather Graham's new sitcom.

This means every time I take the train now, I can't get DaVinci's Notebook out of my head. See, they wrote a song about Heather Graham. The chorus goes like this:
She's so pret-ty
Oh it's going to be a fun Friday.
1939 World's Fair

dangerous one of us naked eh?

The Gilbreth Memorial Morse Code Cadence Mnemonic (or "ah-HA", as we've discussed in comments) is finished! I hit upon the answer to J while endlessly drumming .--- and now my finger hurts. There are big ups and major props and shout-outs to you super creative people who helped me out with some of the letters. Let's all learn Morse Code, go out for dinner, and annoy the waitstaff with silverware tapping! HERE WE GO:
The Gilbreth Memorial Morse Code Cadence Mnemonic

A   .-    ah-HA
B   -...  BOIS-ter-ous-ly
C   -.-.  CARE-less CHIL-dren
D   -..   DAN-ger-ous
E   .     eh?
F   ..-.  full of FRENCH fries
G   --.   GREEN GUM-balls
H   ....  ha ha ha ha
I   ..    aye-aye
J   .---  ju-DIC-IOUS-LY
K   -.-   KICK a KID
L   .-..  li-NO-le-um
M   --    MY MY
N   -.    NA-ked
O   ---   ONE OF US
P   .--.  pre-TEND PLAS-tic
R   .-.   ram-BUNC-tious
S   ...   si si si
T   -     TIME
U   ..-   un-a-WARES
V   ...-  va-va-va-VOOM
W   .--   wi-NO-NA 
X   -..-  X in the BOX
Y   -.--  YEL-low-STONE PARK
Z   --..  ZAPP BRAN-ni-gan
I think this is one of the coolest spontaneous projects ever, so thank you for being so cool and creative and stuff.