November 15th, 2005

Cone of Tragedy


There's a new PC game out called, imaginatively enough, "The Movies" and it's basically a cross between The Sims and that old Microsoft 3D Movie Maker game. (I wonder if anybody remembers this old chestnut. I spent way too many nights, years ago, toiling on masterpieces such as THE FAT GUY FALLS OVER and SON OF THE FAT GUY FALLS OVER TOO.)

This new game has two parts: First is the movie studio sim, where you create a studio, hire actors and directors, keep everybody happy and in the public eye, hire screenwriters to write scripts in various genres, build sets and shoot the films, get reviewed by critics, then release the films and watch the money come rolling in. The "story mode" of the game starts in the 1920s and you can run right up to the present day, though right now I'm in the 50s and the guys on the ever-present in-game radio talk about nothing but commies.

Eventually though you get the ability to actually create the screenplays yourself. This is the other side of the game. You can elect to stay within a genre and set up your scenes and actions within a story framework, or just do whatever the hell you want with the actions given. One of the genres is science fiction and after staying up far too late last night trying my hand at making a science fiction magnum opus, I feel just like Ed Wood now. Or at least Coleman Francis. This is because the experience so far is one big lesson in Work With What You Got.

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By the way, once finished, the films can be exported to .WMV format so expect a gala opening of CAPTAIN COSMOS VERSUS THE MARTIAN ROBOTS EPISODE ONE sometime in the next decade!
Tom Lehrer is Smug

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I've deleted the overly snarky entry about the media circus surrounding the Congress Street meth lab because the story is too close to friends and FOFs. I'm sorry for my flippancy but I maintain that the news crews are wanking overtime on it and the entire OMG SO CLOSE TO CHILDREN'S MUSEM angle is annoying as heck and it's not cool.